For those of us that remember our Morse code and some of its special groupings, we will remember that the repeated transmission of CQ essentially meant “calling anyone out there that can hear this, come in”. In other words, if you hear this, give me a call back. Ah, those were the days, or perhaps late nights, when one would key out that _ . _ . _ _ . _ ; _ . _ . _ _ . _ ; _ . _ . _ _ .

Seems our LNVT 2020 Rendezvous cancellation notice, has not quenched any of the enthusiasm for us to get together next year nor for this this year. Are we all so lonely? Are we just plain desperate? Or is it we just want to see each other again and play for a few days? Any or all of those are fine reasons for any or some or perhaps even all of us to pass along our summer courses in hopes that we might hail one another, if only for just a moment. It might also lead to anchoring together or hooking on to an adjacent Marine State Park Buoys for a night. I can tell you, from my wheelhouse and the inputs I am receiving, the desire is there. So, should you be interested, send out the CQ, CQ, CQ to the Northwest Tuggers and pass along your intended course or where you are at the moment, for the day or coming days. Its easy to do via the reply all associated with the email message that contains this same info. It holds all the NW addresses.

I bet you will get a call back. It’s an unofficial loose group assemblage, kinda like a waterborne tug geocache.

Good Luck and let’s see what happens. As a start, we plan to depart Anacortes, for yet undetermined cruising grounds, August 16, 17, 18,…..

Toot Tooooooooooooot

Tom & Janis

Thistle Dew


AHOY NW Tuggers….

We have but 30 days until the Anacortes LNVT rendezvous. Everybody ready? Full of enthusiasm? Let's keep that going….and I mean going….right into next year.

Our Washington State governor has put the clamps on and is not offering any hints of easing up. Additionally, I today was in touch with our hospital administrator and it is thought our moving to phase 3 won't be any time soon. With those as persuaders we have reached that point in time for the hard decision and that hard decision is to cancel our rendezvous for this year. More time for spit and polish and local cruising. In the end, it is best we all maintain our health and, just as importantly, we don't bring unwanted notoriety or discredit to our LNVT heritage due to a COVID-19 outbreak amongst us at a rendezvous.

We thank all those that have already given generously of their time and resources and look forward to seeing, not just some, but all of the Northwest Fleet next year. Let's make it a big one.

Right now for a distant target, focus on 17, 18, 19 July a Saturday, Sunday, Monday gig.

All the best in boating,

Tom Blackwood & Janis Bialko

Thistle Dew

Ahoy all NW Tuggers,

We are about 50 days away from again seeing each other and our boats for our Annual Rendezvous this year in Anacortes. Yeah!! Our county, Skagit, is currently in COVID-19 Phase 2 which has allowed services and retail to reopen as well as restaurants and taverns (at 50% capacity). Our adjoining county, Island, has already achieved Phase 3 so one can expect we are not far from that as well. As such the rendezvous IS A GO!

The Port of Anacortes has given us premier group berthing spots on the C Dock for our 17 -19 August Rendezvous. It's a great setting for us and I look forward to a great line-up of tugs pulling in to fill the berths.

Monday 17 August Arrival: Check-in Time is 1:00 PM
Wednesday 19 August Departure: Check-out Time is 12:00 PM.

I will be coordinating with Cap Sante Marina for our arrival and berthing. Help me out with a reply to this e-mail of your intentions:

o boat or no boat
o anticipated arrival and departure dates
o best phone number for marina to contact

All are welcome to join in. So, for those that will be attending without a tug, be you an owner, past owner, wannabe or enthusiast, let us know you are coming.

See you very soon………….

Toot Toooooooooooooooot

Tom Blackwood & Janis Bialko

Side Notes:

o Slip fee is $1.53 per foot per night

o Power is $5 for 30 amp and $10 for 50 amp

o Fuel prices are currently $2.37 for over 100 gallons and $2.28 for under 100 gallons

o Payment is via check or credit card and can be done by phone

o Those that may consider cruising in the San Juan Islands note that area reservations are now being taken. See for more info.

o For docking assistance the marina monitors Channel 66A.

o Should you need to contact the Cap Sante Marine directly, our point of contact there is Amada Flierl, Marina Customer Service (360) 293-0694

Ahoy all NW Tuggers,

Our annual rendezvous, this year scheduled for Anacortes, has been moved out to 17 - 19 August. This is being done in hopes that the ramifications of Covid 19 will have subsided to tolerable levels and that the City of Anacortes and the Port of Anacortes might be open once again. Currently their front doors are locked and the county has yet to move on to a more tolerable "phase". Locally, I can report that two of the adjoining counties are now in Phase 2 and that has made a big difference for them on their return to normalcy. I am confident, Skagit County will soon follow.

In the meantime, the Port of Anacortes and the Cap Sante Marina have been working hand in hand with us and we have dock reservations for at least 11 boats and also have the small party float being set aside for us as well. In another few weeks, we will get out the reservation and registration data to you. This is just a heads up on the new date. So far, all I have contacted have said they will be there. More slips can be had and I hope to see as many as possible show up as we put the pandemic behind.

Tom Blackwood & Janis Bialko
Thistle Dew

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