Cruise Details


Welcome to the 2017 Rendezvous Cruise through north Puget Sound and stepping foot into the beautiful San Juan Islands. Tentative reservations have been made for our Victory Tugs and we are working to confirm who is going on the cruise (please RSVP to Barb by May 20th (gro.tvnl|pv#gro.tvnl|pv).

Our first stop in Kingston offers an opportunity for owners and wannabees to come by car or for those in the central Puget Sound to join us for a night or two.

Questions, suggestions or to reserve your place on the cruise, please contact Rendezvous Focal: Barb Lawrence (gro.tvnl|pv#gro.tvnl|pv) Raven 37VT04.

We will continue adding events and information as we develop the plans so keep checking back. A detailed itinerary will be sent to LNVT membership via email directing you to this site.

Cruise Schedule

Kingston, (marina)
Friday, 14 July
Saturday, 15 July

Coupeville, Whidbey Island (rafting on wharf)
Sunday, 16 July
Monday, 17 July

La Conner (marina)
Tuesday, 18 July
Wednesday, 19 July

Deer Harbor, Orcas Island (marina)
Thursday, 20 July
Friday, 21 July

Spencer Spit, Lopez Island (anchor or mooring ball)
Saturday, 22 July
DEPART Sunday, 23 July

ONWARD TO: ?????

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