Action Item List

If you know of an action item add it. If you want to do the action put it under your name (if your name isn't here add it alphabetically). If you have an idea who should do the action put it under their name—warning this might get you killed but will be greatly appreciated by the rest of us ;-) If you get an action which you can't do put it back under 'unassigned'. If an action is closed, delete the item and if you'd like, document the accomplishment in the Log Book

POC: Laurie Payne (Hiaqua)

  1. Reserve moorings
  2. Find venue for Tug Talk
  3. Restaurant for Saturday night dinner
  4. put together a welcome package (includes agenda, info on Bremerton, etc.)

POC: Dave Howell

  1. Bring 'Ship's Stores'
  2. Bring the LNVT banner

POC: Macy Galbreath & Bill Rothert

  1. send email announcing Rendezvous and inviting fleet to attend
  2. captain for the Cruise Out (determine route and lead the parade)


  1. organize the potlucks
  2. take notes and/or video of Tug Talk and write-up minutes for "Tuggers"
  3. Community PR (contact local news papers, boating magazines, get added to "up coming events", etc.)
  4. Run the recipe swap
  5. after the Rendezvous write a wrap-up story for "Tuggers"
  6. run the silent auction
  7. coordinate the Host Boats for out-of-towners
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