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Attending with Tug

  1. Bob White only at Poulsbo, Renegade 37VT72
  2. Mike Dunn, Tug (the sled dog puppy) and human guests?, WALLY 41VT02 (attending from Poulsbo, departing from LaConner)
  3. Bill Rothert and Macy Galbreath, Lady 37VT08 (attending from Kingston through Spencer Spit)
  4. Craig Kurath and Bella The Dog, C'est Si Bon, 37VT38 (attending from Kingston through Spencer Spit). Hosting Ken & Pat Smith
  5. Tom and Janis Bialko, THISTLE DEW #46 (attending Kingston by land, Coupeville & onward by boat)
  6. Lou and Debbie Steplock, PET TUG 37VT60 (attending from Poulsbo through Spencer Spit with excused absence). Hosting Dave & Bicki Howell
  7. Joe & Laurie Payne, past LNVT owners, HYKWA Independence 45'
  8. Mike and Barb Lawrence, Raven 37VT04

Attending without Tug

  1. Bicki and Dave Howell, Nellie D. 37VT63
  2. Ken and Pat Smith, POLAR MIST 49VT07
  3. John & Jill Dann, (past owner CIELETO 37VT51) will attend Deer Harbor

Possible additions:

  1. Bob & Sally Windecker, SOUNDER 49VT05
  2. Jose Souse & Ashikin Wan Noor, CAROLINA 41VT06
  3. Ted & Kim Shann, TUG E. BEAR 37VT
  4. Phil Kramer & Erin Gainey, CIELITO 37VT51
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