Admiral Nelson Award
This illustrious award was first given in August 2003 at the first official northwest rendezvous at Bell Harbor in Seattle with 8 tugs in attendance. LNVT Association then President Tom Blackwood had received a biography of Admiral Nelson as a gift from Herb Eskelson, an old salt, who was a decade Tom's senior and lived aboard his wooden sailboat for many years. He was berthed along side THISTLE DEW on the same finger pier in Lake Union, while Tom was living aboard his boat. Tom reports that Herb was "a man of deep wisdom and extremely well read. He liked our tugs and as a gift thought we should have the volume.

It has been awarded most years to owners who have great devotion to duty and to the tugs demonstrated by fantastic boat projects, amazing rendezvous events, and anything else the Admiral would approve.

2003 Macy Galbreath, LADY 37VT08
2004 Hal Brown, DRIFTER 37VT11
2008 Kim & Ted Shann, TUG E. BEAR 37VT62
2009 Gerry Morris, GUINEA RIDER 49VT08
2010 Patrick Mitchell, ELNORA 37VT37
2011 Ken Smith, POLAR MIST 49VT07
2012 Mike Lawrence, RAVEN 37VT04
2013 Bob White, RENEGADE 37VT72
2014 Mike Dunn, WALLY 41VT02
2015 Dave Howell, NELLIE D. 37VT63
2016 Lou Steplock, PET TUG 37VT60
2017 Bob Windecker, SOUNDER 49VT05
2018 not awarded - Windecker has it

Dirty Hands Award


This hands-on award with its amazing design and imagination was created and constructed by Tom Blackwood (THISTLE DEW 37VT46). The award is to recognize the Best Maintenance effort of the year by an owner who gets down and dirty when working on his/her tug by showing grease on hands, dirty fingernails, paint on pants, and/or acid burns on clothing.

2011 Patrick Mitchell, ELNORA 37VT37
2012 Ken Smith, POLAR MIST 49VT07
2013 Rick Benedict, DOREEN 37VT29
2015 Macy Galbreath/Bill Rothert, LADY 37VT08
2016 Dave & Bicki Howell, NELLIE D. 37VT63
2017 & 2018 not awarded (Tom Blackwood has it)

Best Bright Work
An old scrap of wood and an idea went into the creation of this Traveling Trophy by Craig Kurath (C'EST SI BON 37VT38). Craig thought that those who are struggling with bright work should be recognized and rewarded. It has been passed around from west to east to mid-west over the past few years.

2017 Bob Windecker
2018 Polar Mist

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