Welcome to the 2018 Rendezvous - Thursday, September 20- Sunday, September 23

ANCHORS AWEIGH - Join Tuggers in Bremerton…a Navy town!

The schedule of events: UPDATED INFORMATION AS OF 8/29/18

Thursday: With our schedule change, boats should arrive around slack at 9:29am or evening slack at 4:41pm (NOTES 1 & 2) in order to have some time to wash boats or say hello to fellow Tuggers. To prepare for the Submarine Tour now scheduled on Friday, we will have no host beverages and dinner or appetizers at the famous submarine bar “Horse & Cow, Pub & Grill”. Craig Kurath (C’est Si Bon 37VT38) will regale you with stories of the “Horse & Cow” in the good old days!

Friday: The day is free until the tour of an active duty U.S. Navy Submarine at 11:45 am. Plan an early lunch on your own on your boat or at one of the many local restaurants. Tours of subs are not easy to arrange so be sure not to miss this one especially for LNVT tug owners. Please check the notes on the tour. (NOTE 3) Happy hour and the always popular pot-luck dinner will be in the activity tent on the dock at 5:00. Since it is national "Banana Festival”, you might want to include that in your pot-luck planning. We will be going bananas!

Saturday: Bring your coffee out to the activity tent and chat before heading up at 9:55 to the Navy Museum ship “Turner Joy” where we will do Tug Talk in the enlisted mess. We will be serving coffee and sweets. We have the mess from 10:00-12:00 and then those who participate and sign up will have access to tour the ship. (NOTE 4) The evening festivities begin at 4:30 pm with happy hour in the tent where thanks and awards will be given. We will then go up to Anthony’s Restaurant at the head of the dock for a no-host dinner at 5:30 pm.

Sunday: Bring some goodies to share for breakfast in the activity tent around 8:30. We will say farewells to those not going on the cruise-out. Slack is at 11:36, but we should be able to start leaving as early as 10:30-10:45 am. We hope everyone will want to join us on the cruise-out to a few destinations in the South Sound before heading home.


  1. If you are military veteran, wear your ball cap and bring along your service flag!
  2. Please fill out the reservation form and email it to Macy Galbreath (moc.liamg|trehtorycam#moc.liamg|trehtorycam). We need to know what parts of the rendezvous you plan to participate in. Especially look over the information on the Submarine Tour. Space for it is limited—and limited to those taking part in the whole Bremerton part of the rendezvous. September 3rd is the last day for taking reservations.
  3. The Association covers much of our expenses, but we will be collecting $10 per person at the rendezvous to cover the cost of several extras.
  4. We will be keeping up the sign-up list and the rendezvous information here, so keep checking back. Macy will add to the list as the reservation forms come in—or you can do it yourself.

Details and Notes — Please read carefully
NOTE 1—Options for Thursday: Slips will be available at Bremerton Marina in a group reservation. DO NOT call the Marina directly. Come in around morning or afternoon slack. If you want to come in on the Thursday morning slack, you could plan to stay Wednesday night nearby at Blake Island Marine Park, at anchor in Blakely Harbor on Bainbridge Island, or Poulsbo Marina. Or you can let us know and come in early to Bremerton. (See tide and current information below.)
NOTE 2—Port of Bremerton: Currents can be a challenge in Bremerton, so it is recommended that you time your arrival and departure around slack. The closest current prediction point to the Bremerton Marina is the South Entrance to Port Washington Narrows. The times of slack water at this point will closely approximate the time of slack water at the marina. The strongest currents in the marina always flow from the SW to NE on both the flood and ebb. Marina staff will be there to assist in docking. You can check out the Port of Bremerton Marina here. Our reserved slips are on the Guest Dock “P”. By the first of September, you will need to confirm your reservation with a credit card. Rates are: $40 per night + $1.00 per ft. over 40 ft. Power: 30 amp is $4.00 per night and 50 amp is $5.00 per night.
NOTE 3— Submarine Tour: We have arranged this tour for tug owners, their crew, and Association members who will be attending the Bremerton rendezvous on a first-come, first-serve basis. If we have not filled up our tour by the end of August, then we will consider taking tuggers wanting to come for the day or other family members. We hope this won’t happen, but please note that tours of active-duty submarine are subject to last minute changes and cancellations due to submarine availability.

  • All guests must be U.S. citizens
  • All guests must be able to climb up and down a 30-foot vertical ladder.
  • All guests should be in good health mentally and physically. Those prone to claustrophobia or panic attacks should not attend submarine tours.
  • Pregnant women are not allowed onto the submarine
  • Guests that are unable to walk unassisted will be unable to tour the submarine. This includes the use of canes, walkers, crutches, etc.
  • Dress Code: no skirts, dresses, or offensive or political clothing. All must wear closed toe shoes/flats—no heels.

Restrictions: These must be left back at the boats.

  • NO RECORDING DEVICES are permitted (cameras/video cameras/audio recorders).
  • No Fitbits, iWatches, Samsung watches or anything with Bluetooth capability.
  • No cell phones with cameras are permitted.
  • No portable electronic devices of any kind.
  • No firearms, knives or weapons of any kind are permitted
  • No alcohol or flammable substances are permitted.

Must Bring:

  • All guests must bring a photo ID to be allowed on the base
  • All guests must show proof of citizenship (passport, enhanced drivers license, or birth certificate). The name must match the photo ID. Military ID does not show proof of citizenship.
  • All guests must fill out and sign the Request to Tour Waiver document which we will have available at the Rendezvous.

NOTE 4— Tug Talk and “Turner Joy” Tour: We will be paying for each person signed up to
attend Tug Talk on the Turner Joy. That payment includes a self-guided tour following our meeting. If a crew
member or spouse does not want to come for all of Tug Talk, but would like to tour the boat, then they must sign up and show up for the last part of Tug Talk. We must comply with this in order to get reduced prices. We will set a time that morning for late comers and get you to the Enlisted Mess.

Cruise Out
Sunday—Tuesday, Sept. 23-25: Longbranch
Leaving Bremerton at 10:30-11:30, it is about 37 miles to Longbranch. We will be riding the flood and should arrive around 4:00-5:00 in time for a potluck. Monday we will enjoy a tour of the Trillium Creek Winery and a picnic later at Connie and Rich Hildahl’s (Awesome! 37VT58) lovely waterfront home.
Tuesday—Thursday, Sept. 25-27: Jarrell Cove Marine State Park, Harstine Island
This lovely marine park is a favorite of South Sounders and is 16 miles or about 2+ hours south. There are mooring buoys and two docks. We will try for the inside dock. We will hike, visit, cook-out, talk tugs, and just relax. Check it out at:
Thursday—Saturday, Sept. 27-29: Dock Street Marina, Tacoma
Riding the ebb after 8:00 am, it will take about 4 hours to Tacoma,. Enjoy the Museum of Glass, WA State History Museum, the Tacoma Art Museum, LeMay-America’s Car Museum, and the Working Waterfront Maritime Museum, and Light Rail runs along the waterfront!
Saturday, Sept. 29: Head for home or Seattle Bell Harbor

If you have questions, please contact:
Macy Galbreath, moc.liamg|trehtorycam#moc.liamg|trehtorycam
or Bill Rothert, moc.liamg|trehtorllib#moc.liamg|trehtorllib
or Barb Lawrence, gro.tvnl|pv#gro.tvnl|pv

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